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GSF’s Manifesting Exercise

I’ve created this manifesting exercise by combining several techniques into one. It’s more efficient. It only takes about 5-10 minutes each day and it works! You can read all about some results I’ve received here from using this exercise. The technique is part vision board, part gratitude practice, and part Abraham Hicks’ creative workshop. It does take some upfront work to get started though,

so maybe set aside about an hour to prepare. After that it’s super quick.

Here’s how it goes…


It seems more manageable to start this exercise at a higher level. So, in this first step, select the areas of your life, or categories, that you want to focus your manifestation efforts on. The ones I used recently are below but feel free come up with some on your own. I recommend no more than 5-7 categories though, so it feels manageable. You can always add or drop categories from your practice too.

  • My Health

  • My Home

  • My Relationships

  • My Family

  • My Work


For each category, spend a few minutes writing statements about what you want your life to be like in this area even if it seems very far from where you are now. This is just a free-flowing brainstorm time. You will refine these later.

IMPORTANT!!!! You must write the statements in a positive way – about what you want, NOT what you don’t want.


  • Incorrect: I don’t want to have allergies anymore.

  • Correct: I want to breathe perfectly.

  • Incorrect: I don’t want to be overweight.

  • ·Correct: I want a healthy and fit body.

  • Incorrect: I don’t want to have a stressful job.

  • Correct: I want a very relaxed and balanced job.

I hope you get this point because this is critical to the practice. If you put energy focusing on what you do not want, by the Law of Attraction, what you don’t want will return back to you. You get what desire or thought you put out into the universe – whether it’s good or bad. So, always make sure during this practice (and in life) you are only putting thoughts out there that reflect the things you DO want in your life. For more information about the Law of Attraction and how this all works, I recommend checking out this book.


Now, out of all the statements you drafted, you need to narrow your focus to the ones that would be most impactful to your life in this moment. I highly recommend narrowing down to about 5-7 statements.

One way you might want to do this is to read each statement and see how you feel as you read it. Does it make you feel lighter? Do you feel a sense of relief? If your life was really like this statement, would it positively impact other parts of your life too? If you answer yes to any of these types of questions, definitely put the statement on the final list.

After narrowing your list, you might find a couple of your categories are weighted higher than others and maybe some categories aren’t even represented in your final list. That’s ok, that insight might be helpful for you understanding what you most need to prioritize in your life right now.

Finally, remember to save your original full list because you can swap statements in and out of your practice as you need.


Remember, I said this exercise is efficient? Well, I go one step further and sprinkle in a gratitude practice by writing my statements in the form of a gratitude statement.

Here are some examples:

  • Manifestation statement: I want to breathe perfectly.

  • Turned into a gratitude manifestation statement: I am so thankful I can breathe perfectly every day.

  • Manifestation statement: I want a healthy and fit body.

  • Turned into a gratitude manifestation statement: I am so grateful for my healthy and fit body.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can have. In addition, using statements formatted this way helps you bring more emotion to your statement and helps you connect even more to the feeling of your statements. This is critical to the practice.


Everything’s more impactful with images, even better if they are personal images. For each statement on your final list select an image that tells that story or reminds you of the statement.

For example, if you have a statement about your relationship with your partner, select an image of you two happy together. If you have a statement about increasing your financial abundance, select an image of a money tree or money raining from the sky. You can pick from your own images, or you could search online.

Tips for selecting images

  • Think inspirational – what image would inspire you? Think about when you pin an image on Pinterest or share a post on Instagram – what’s the vibe or aesthetic you are going for?

  • In the next step, you’ll be adding text on top of the image, so look for images that have some solid space on them (like a sky or beach). Ask yourself it there’s a spot on the image that would be easy to read words over.

  • Although these images are for your personal use it’s probably a good practice to not steal other people’s images. Use your own, or use free sources. Personally, I love for free images for this purpose.


Now, you’ll overlay the text of your statements onto the images you selected for each one. You can use any simple photo editing tool or whatever comes with your phone camera for this. Or, write out the text and paste it to the printed image. Whatever is easiest for you! I use my iPhone editor, for example. I like to have my statements digitally because they are easy to change and easy to have with me at all times, like when I travel.

Here are some examples:

Photo credit: Wesley Tingey,

Photo credit: Mor Shani,

My pic of my family. As you can see, this image didn’t have good open solid space, but I really wanted to use it so, I created a box to add the text to. Again – something you can do with very simple photo editing.


Now that you have your images, the hard part is done. Print them up or save them on your phone so they are handy. Have them together in a folder on your phone, in a photo storage app, or printed up in a photo album. You might consider putting them in order of priority or what you want to manifest first, but the order shouldn’t matter much.

Each day:

  1. Get in a quiet space. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Meditate for a bit (if you do that).

  2. Look at your image and really soak up the visual of it

  3. Read your statement slowly paying attention to each word (aloud or to yourself is fine). You may even want to say, “Thank you” after each one to amplify your gratitude.

  4. As you say the statement, feel the feelings you would have if your statement was true right now. Play the statement out in your head like a movie. What do you see, what do you hear? What do you feel?

I also combine the 68 seconds manifestation rule from Abraham Hicks in this exercise too. This rule is that it takes 68 seconds of really focusing on a thought for it to manifest in the physical plane. I know it’s a random number, but it also happens to be a perfect amount of time to spend on each image for me.


To automate this process more for myself, I made a video out of my images using iMovie. It is very simple, but I just put each image on the timeline, have each appear for 68 seconds, and set the whole thing to some relaxing music. Right now, my video is about 10 minutes long, and I try to watch it each morning. When I want to focus on manifesting something different, I just swap out my images or add more.

Let me know if you try this exercise and what you think in the comments! Happy manifesting!

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