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What I manifested in 2022

I keep finding myself telling friends a lot lately that, "you can create your life," and I wholeheartedly believe that statement now. Over the last several years though, I had read many books, listened to podcasts, etc. and this seemed to be a common theme, especially within the Law of Attraction world. Remember that movie, The Secret? But, I didn't really believe what I was reading, watching, or listening to, at least not until Abraham Hicks came into my life in 2022. Stay tuned for more details about that meeting.

After reading Abraham Hicks I actually began really putting what I learned into practice, and now I'm a believer! Practice makes perfect, right? I'm going to share about my favorite manifesting practice in an upcoming blog post, which is my modified version of the Creative Workshop process found in Abraham's books.

I decided to make a list of the all the things I manifested into my life last year to share how I have been creating my life with you so you can see it really is possible! Note - where there are quotes is where I've taken what I had written word-for-word from my journal about what I wanted to manifest.

  • "Harmonious relationships between everyone in my family" - we are there now and it feels amazing! There used to be A LOT of screaming and stress in my house, but that energy has completely changed, and we actually enjoy being together and take full advantage of this now!

  • "I want my family to do fun and adventurous things together like traveling to Costa Rica" - family trip to Costa Rica is booked this June (and I manifested free airline tickets)

  • "Travel to amazing places" - I just wrapped up a trip to San Diego, California with my daughter (manifested free resort stay and airfare)

  • A job where "I'm mostly working independently with little to no meetings" and with "very chill co-workers that are extremely friendly and also care about work-life balance" - got a new job in June that meets all of these criteria

  • "I want to breathe perfectly and clearly at all times" - I experienced significantly less asthma and allergy symptoms last year

  • School loan forgiveness! Definitely fits into my financial abundance goals

  • "A kind, respectful, and confident daughter" - she is 12 - this is a tough age to for anyone to be these things, but she is 98% of the time. I'll take it!

  • Excellent health and well-being for myself and my family - we had a very healthy 2022!

I seriously can't wait to see what this list looks like for 2023. And, I know that you can also make this happen by getting into your best spiritual shape. New year, new you. Now's the time!

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