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Focus Wheel

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Time commitment:

Small: Less than 30 minutes

Target areas:

mindset, fear, worry, emotional state


This is a very simple tool that helps you improve your emotional state.

Get Spiritually Fit Review:

The focus wheel is a such a quick and efficient way to raise your vibration! You can either draw focus wheels or you can use this free app, which I love. Focus wheels are for working on a specific issue or emotion you may be feeling that you would like to improve. The focus wheel tool from the Abraham Hicks book, Ask and It is Given (review coming soon!).

To create a focus wheel, you create a statement that reflects how you want to feel about a situation. It should be a lofty goal and it may not seem attainable quite yet. That’s ok. One easy way to do this is identify something you don’t want in your life and then state the opposite. For example, if you were to create a focus wheel about your weight you might think “I feel fat.” So, then you would take the opposite statement, such as “I am happy with my body.” That is your goal and you put that statement in the center of your wheel.

What’s different with the focus wheel, from tools like affirmations, is that there is an acknowledgement the feeling you want to reach, such as “I am happy with my body,” might seem like a really big leap or unattainable from how you feel in the moment. So instead of focusing on your goal statement, you will focus on incremental improvements that will eventually get you to your goal. On the spokes of a wheel, you write incrementally better emotional feelings about the situation. Then, you spend your time focusing on these better emotional feelings. The idea is that when you focus on these better feelings along the spokes of your wheel, you will eventually attain your ultimate goal feeling.

You can draw your own focus wheel or you can find many templates online to use. My favorite is a free app called Focus Wheel. It is very simple to use and is nice to just have available on my phone for when I have a few free minutes to review it.

RESULTS: I have anxiety disorder and thus tend to worry A LOT. I find focus wheels particularly useful for fears or worries. For example, I was extremely worried to send my kids back to school because of Covid. I used a focus wheel to help me incrementally feel better about the situation. It helped tremendously. The focus wheel has been one of the most helpful tools I’ve ever used for easing my anxious thoughts and worries. You can see an example of my focus wheel I created here.

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