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Insight Timer

GSF Rating:





Time commitment:

Small: Less than 30 minutes

Target areas:

mindset, balance, meditation, inner peace, mindfulness


An app with a library of thousands of guided meditations, courses, and workshops.

Get Spiritually Fit Review:

This is THE meditation app. If you meditate or are interested in meditation, look no further. Skip Headspace or Calm because Insight is completely free. There is a HUGE library of guided meditations. It is a little overwhelming. However, my favorite thing about the app is you can narrow the library down by time. If you only have 5 minutes or less, you can filter by that timeframe. Huge win for this busy chick! The other really cool thing is that you can browse by topic. For example, this app has a category for meditations specifically about “dealing with anxiety.” How efficient! I love it. You can rate the meditations too. Personally, if the meditation isn’t 4.7 stars out of 5.0 or above I’m moving along.

Another really cool feature about the app is that you can customize your own meditation timer. For example, after I do yoga at home, chilling in shavasana (corpse pose), I like to use this timer. Because I don’t really have time to fall asleep, which sometimes I do, I use it like a little alarm. I can set a tone (I use some really pleasant bells but there are a lot of options) to go off after a certain amount of time. I also set some relaxing music in the background during my 10 minutes (or whatever I set it to). This is all in the app and it’s your personal customized timer so it stays on your account set just that way for the next time you use it. And, it’s super simple to change.

RESULTS: This tool will help you on your spiritual fitness journey. It has helped me meditate more because I can find ones that resonate with me and fit any time constraints I may have. And, remember it’s completely free!! 

Check out the Best of Get Spiritually Fit playlist to try out my fave meditations from the app. 

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