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Law of Attraction Changed my Life

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Time commitment:

Medium: 30 minutes - 3 hours

Target areas:

abundance, LoA mindset, practicing LoA


This podcast shares personal stories of a woman who has applied many aspects of the Law of Attraction and gotten great results.

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Francesca, the host, is like your best friend that is just so much wiser. She's a mom and has mom struggles. She has relationship issues. All of it. But, she has applied many parts of the Law of Attraction that has worked for her. She gets results which in turn motivates me to get results and which is why I recommend this podcast. Some episodes ramble a bit, but I don't really mind because I kind of feel like I'm there in the room having a beer with her while she talks. 

Note: If you are bothered by foul-mouthed Brits (I personally love them), then you might be a little turned off by the podcast.

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