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Love your Life, Law of Attraction

GSF Rating:





Time commitment:

Small: Less than 30 minutes

Target areas:

abundance, work


This podcast applies the Law of Attraction to several different life situations.

Get Spiritually Fit Review:

A super quick spiritual workout with some life-changing and mind blowing episodes. All episodes are less than 30 minutes. Totally worth it. My life changed tremendously after my first episode a friend shared - #167 Make a Decision and then Make the Decision Right. I also have #184 Do you Need a New Story about your Finances on repeat because I'm trying to so hard to get rid of my lack mindset. Because of this podcast, I also started reading Abraham Hicks books. See separate reviews about that journey.

Tip: If you don't know Abraham Hicks, google that name first before you start listening or you might be a little confused.  

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