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The Law of Divine Compensation

GSF Rating:





Time commitment:

Large: At least a few days or more of your time typically with a follow-up commitment

Target areas:

abundance, finance, mindset


This book is about how you feel spiritually about abundance, including financially. It helps you examine the roadblocks you may carry or longstanding beliefs that are getting in your way.

Get Spiritually Fit Review:

The Amazon rating for this book is 4.8 stars. I don't agree in regards to it helping you meet any spiritually fit goals you may have. I've now read this book twice. It has some good nuggets here and there, but it just isn't actionable enough for me. It's the physical exercise equivalent to taking a short, and slow, walk. You are really just brushing the surface. If you are a beginner, this is an ok light read. But, personally, I don't feel it will move you towards your goals much.
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