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The Magic

GSF Rating:




Less than $10

Time commitment:

Large: At least a few days or more of your time typically with a follow-up commitment

Target areas:

gratitude, health, wealth, happiness, family, relationships


In this book, you will be asked to complete 28 days (in a row) of gratitude exercises in order to raise your vibration and get more of what you want.

Get Spiritually Fit Review:

Don't let this time commitment dissuade you. Although it does take 28 days to complete, it is only about 10-15 minutes of practice each day. This book takes the gratitude journaling practice to a MUCH more interesting level because each exercise is different each day. And, I found them to all be kind of fun to the point where I would really be excited to see what the next exercise is! Also during the practice, I had a lot of really cool things happen to me. For example, I got the idea to start Spiritually Fit. I also found out my student loans would be forgiven. You will get results. If you are looking for an effective spiritual exercise that you get results from, check this one out.

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