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Think and Grow Rich

GSF Rating:




Less than $10

Time commitment:

Large: At least a few days or more of your time typically with a follow-up commitment

Target areas:

wealth, abundance, mindset


This book is recommended in many manifesting and Law of Attraction spaces. It is a personal development book that focuses on “money-making secrets.”

Get Spiritually Fit Review:

I kept coming across this book in spaces and thought it was a sign I should probably check it out. In particular, I attended a Bob Proctor free webinar, and it seemed this book was his bible. When I checked it out it was also at the beginning of my ideas for starting Get Spiritually Fit, so I thought it would be helpful in this endeavor. All I can say about it is yuck. I’m sorry, but it was hard to read for me. It was one of the most racist and sexist works I’ve ever read. Granted, it was written in the 1930s, but still, I just couldn’t stomach it. I'm surprised that people still tout this book as some amazing and inspirational piece.

I would recommend taking a hard pass on this one. There are so many other related works about changing your mindset and success. Move along, move along.

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